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Lumber for Hardwood Flooring With Character

When all of the trees that were meant for housing are sent to the market, the leftovers are often burned or turned into chips. Our team at Oregon Hardwood Company utilizes this hardwood that otherwise would have been destroyed in order to offer construction companies and architects in Roseburg, Oregon, beautiful material to use in their projects.

Work With Our Beautiful Materials

The Western hardwoods that we use have distinctive individualities, such as textures and colors that make it an interesting material to use for flooring and lumber. By getting your wholesale lumber from us, you will be able to offer your clients a hardwood that has a lot of character for their home.

Pacific Madrone is one of our favorite woods. It is a beautiful hardwood that is used for hardwood flooring, furniture, and cabinetry. Over 500,000 board feet (BF) of Madrone is processed annually. The primary dimension for this type of wood that we offer is 4/4. Sizes above that, including 5/4 and 6/4, are limited. Due to the difficulty in drying Madrone, we will not be processing anything over 2 inches thick.

Beautiful Flooring

Species of Hardwoods We Offer Include:

» Pacific Big-Leaf Maple
» California Black Oak
» Oregon White Oak
» Pacific Madrone
» Oregon Ash
» Chinkapin Oak
» Red Alder
» Tan Oak
» Myrtle

Kiln-Dried Lumber

All of our lumber is kiln dried to 6% to 8% moisture content. This is very important for furniture, flooring, and cabinetry. If wood shrinks after it has been made into a product, it will leave unsightly gaps in the joinery or strips of flooring. Our dehumidification process lessens the stress on the wood.

Each piece of lumber is surfaced to standard specifications with a helical head planer. These pieces of lumber are then sorted by width and grade and sold in units.

Thicknesses Available Include:
» 4/4 » 5/4 » 6/4 » 8/4

Elegant Wood Flooring

Tan Oak is a new species of wood, which has become popular in the marketplace. Knots are clearly shown in this type of wood, giving it a natural look. Hard, stable, and durable, this type of wood is perfect for those with an active family.

We have three types of this wood, which feature long-lasting wearability. It is available in various measurements, including 3 to 8 inches wide and lengths up to 10 feet.

Remarkable Tabletop Slabs

In order to ensure our customers can provide the very best for their clients, we handpick the logs that have the most beautiful features for us to cut our tabletop slabs. This wood incorporates the characteristics of each log, making each set of flooring you put in for your customers slightly different from the last. We create slabs from large logs, which are 2 to 4 inches wide, approximately 2 inches thick, and 8 to 12 feet long.

Kitchen Flooring