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Oregon Hardwood Company
Roseburg, Oregon


Welcome to Oregon Hardwood Company

We are just getting started with this web site but our company has been in the Western Hardwood business for over 25 years.  We know Oregon Hardwoods very well.  From Logs to Lumber to Flooring. We have a complete understanding of your needs as a manufacturer for top quality products and reliable service.

 We don't build cabinets, we sell to those that do.



Oregon has many different species of hardwoods. Madrone, Myrtle, Chinkapin,Oregon Ash, Pacific Bigleaf Maple, Red Alder, Tan Oak, Oregon White Oak, California Black Oak are the ones used commercially.


Pacific Madrone is one of our favorite woods.  We process over 500,000 bf of Madrone annually.  Our primary dimension is 4/4 but when we have higher quality logs we saw thicker lumber in one or more of our sawmills.  We have limited amounts of 5/4,6/4 available and are working on thicker material.  Due to the difficulty in drying Madrone we will not be processing anything over 2 inches thick.

Pacific   Madrone is a beautiful wood that is used for Hardwood Flooring , Furniture, and Cabinetry.  Our dry kilns are are among the very few in Oregon that are specifically designed to dry Hardwood Lumber.  Most dry kilns in Oregon are designed to dry softwoods and will damage Hardwoods.  All of our lumber is kiln dried to 6% to 8% moisture content.  this is very important for Furniture, Flooring and Cabinetry.  If wood shrinks after it is made into a product it will leave unsightly gaps in the joinery or strips of flooring.

Oregon Hardwood Company is a proud partner of Healthy Forest, Healthy Communities. You can check them out at www.sustainablenorthwest.org or click on their LOGO (below).


The Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities partnership is a collaborative business network of wood products manufacturers, land managers, retailers, nonprofits and others dedicated to stimulating opportunities for forest restoration and economic revitalization in rural communities of the Pacific Northwest.  A main objective is to build capacity to produce and effectively market the "by-products" of the ecosystem management and forest restoration.  Rural Entrepreneurs from four Northwest states have banded together to re-invent the forest products industry.  Moving beyond the battle over jobs vs. owls, members of the Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities partnership are linking forest restoration projects with value-added manufacturing to create wood products that are both eco and rural communitiy-friendly. 

Oregon Hardwood Company is pleased to be in partnership with this fine organization.

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